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Avatara is the premier
cloud solution provider.

Our Complete Cloud solution has helped customers across the country reduce costs, enhance security and disaster recovery, increase efficiency and peformance, and eliminate costly hardware purchases.

Your Avatara Computer runs just like it was sitting right next to you on your desk, except that your software and data all reside safe and sound within Avatara's Complete Cloud.

Our Complete Cloud solution means you're not tied to your desk, either. Your data, your work and your computer are all now accessible...
        everywhere imaginable

  Cheaper. Safer. Greener.Learn More   

Rock Solid, Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective
Cloud Computing Solutions from Avatara

Avatara’s Complete Cloud solution reduces your technology costs, updates your infrastructure, enhances your disaster recovery, maximizes your mobile capability... and much more.

Avatara is Everywhere Imaginable.

Get the benefits of Complete Cloud with no upfront costs and no hardware to buyEver.

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